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Our Premium Boars Head meats and Wisconsin Cheeses make for the most delicious cheese and meat tray.

American Combination
Oven gold turkey, sweet ham, rotisserie chicken breast, American cheese and white cheddar cheese elegantly displayed and served with fresh baked bread and condiments

The Classic Combination
Sweet ham, roast beef, oven gold turkey, swiss cheese and mild yellow cheddar. Served with fresh baked bread & condiments.

Serves up to 10 people - $70
Serves up to 20 people - $100
Serves up to 30 people - $120

The Cheese Garden Tray
Swiss cheese, yellow cheddar, Monterey pepper jack and smoked gruyere served with homemade crackers.

Serves up to 15 people - $40
Serves up to 25 people - $65


We deliver to all locations in Corpus Christi. Please provide us with as much advance notice as possible.
(Minimum delivery charge of $10)

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