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We believe in people. We know that each individual matters.   That's why at Small Planet Delicatessen & Bakery we work to not only give you the most delicious food with a positive enjoyable experience, but we also work to bring about positive changes in our local community. 

Through the years, we have enjoyed teaming up with local efforts that bring positive growth and enhance our community.  From supporting local elementary and preschool groups, sports teams, food bank initiatives, the Multiple Sclerosis camp, dog parks, botanical gardens, church groups and mission projects we have enjoyed them all. 

It's great to help people do good things.  There are so many people who are willing to help others.  We know there is strength in numbers and we have seen what good intentions followed up with action can do.  It seems when we combine our efforts great things happen.  The impact we have had together in our community is something we are very pleased about.

Currently, we are launching an initiative to relieve hunger in our local community.  The program is called CARE to SHARE.   It has come together out of our concern for those in our community struggling to make ends meet.

We know hunger.  We relieve it everyday.  The joy of putting an end to your hunger makes our work worthwhile. When we deliver your made to order meal and see you enjoying it, we are happy.  It's a great feeling.  We are grateful that you give us the privilege to serve you.  We know you have many options when it comes to eating out and we are glad you continue to choose us.
We love what we do and feel it is a very worthwhile effort.  However, lately we have had something else on our minds while taking orders, making sandwiches, delivering your delicious meals and busing tables. We have been thinking and rethinking what we do.   We have satisfied your hunger and that's good, but, what about the ones we don't serve?  What about those in our community who are perpetually hungry with no relief in sight?  So, how can we help them? 

Sometimes we have a sandwich or two that's extra for one reason or another and we take it to someone in need.  One day as we were looking for someone to share it with, we got to thinking and realized there are a lot of hungry people but, I wouldn't really be able to tell who they were.  Who is it that is dealing with hunger daily?  Hungry people don't really have a certain look or story, we don't always know who they are but, we know there are many amoung us and we know that the pain of hunger is real. 

We have found hunger is affecting more than just those we see on the streets.  It is not only the orphans and homeless that deal with the concern of feeding themselves.  Many people have difficulty putting good meals together on a regular basis.  The need is all around us.  The hungry include our friends, family and neighbors. We often don't know who is going with out.

We know it gets heavy and discouraging to deal with the challenge of trying to have enough food for yourself and those you love when things get tight.  If you don't know where your next meal is coming from it's hard to do anything else.  Often times, it is the hard-working people right beside us who are hit with the reality that there is simply not enough to provide for their basic needs.  Despite their best efforts, they and their loved ones are going with out meals to make things work. 

As we have become more aware of those struggling with hunger in our community, our desire to help has increased.  We believe we are responsible to help others and to ease their burdens.  We have decided that there is something we can do by working together.

We invite you to join us!
When you visit the Lamar Park location of Small Planet Delicatessen & Bakery, we invite you to not only enjoy a delicious meal yourself but, to donate and provide a meal for someone in need through our CARE to SHARE program.

For about $5 we can provide a well-balanced sack lunch to someone dealing with hunger.  We are not only filling their stomachs but, providing hope in a moment of need.  Let us know as you check out if you CARE to SHARE.  We will gladly add the amount you choose to your order. 

The funds we collect are used to purchase foods to make delicious, well-balanced sack lunches for those in need.  Our family and employees generously donate their time and skills to create the meals.  These are distributed in our local community through local ministries and others who are aware of a need in our community.

We are consistently striving to give you the best possible dinning experience and we feel this fits right in with our goalWe know there is something even better than being fully satisfied after a good meal, and that is being able to help someone else. At Small Planet we hope you'll do both! 

Knowing that you have helped someone else in need while satisfying your need is GREAT and it brings us all a little joy in the process.


We enjoy serving, and we know you do too.  So, we are expanding our reach and giving you the chance to dine and donate. At Small Planet we CARE to SHARE. Let us know if you do too.

The Lamar Park store is designated as our donation station however, if you are interested in contributing in another way or would like to partner with us in our effort to relieve hunger please contact us.  Many hands make light work!

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