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Vegetarian Items

Sandwiches are served with house chips or fruit and a gourmet pickle spear.

The Veggie Melt
Artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, roasted red bell peppers, purple onions, provolone, lettuce, mayo, avocado spread. Served HOT on jalapeno cheese hoagie $6.25

California Vegan (Sandwich)
Trapped in a HOT pita you get our homemade hummus, cucumber, tomato, and lettuce $6.25

California Salad
Fresh strawberries, mandarin oranges, sweet walnuts, avocado, tomato, on mixed greens with our roasted garlic balsamic vinaigrette dressing $6.99

Deli Salads
     Gourmet Greek Salad           Cup  $ 3.79, Pint  $ 7.99, Quart  $15.99
     Amazing Anti Pasta Salad    Cup  $ 3.79, Pint  $ 7.99, Quart  $15.99
     Pesto Pasta Salad                  Cup  $ 3.79, Pint  $ 7.99, Quart  $15.99
     Fresh Fruit Salad                   Cup  $ 2.99, Pint  $ 5.99, Quart  $11.99                       
     Tuscan Tortellini Salad         Cup  $ 3.79, Pint  $ 7.99, Quart  $15.99
     Sweet Broccoli Salad            Cup  $ 3.79, Pint  $ 7.99, Quart  $15.99

Veggie TRIO Salad
Choose any 3 Cold Deli Salads from the list above.  $ 8.25

Side Salad
Tomato, onion, croutons tossed over our own blend of mixed greens with  your choice of dressing $3.29


All kids meals include house chips or fruit & juice box or fountain drink

Cheesy Melt

Tons of melted American cheese on toasted white bread $3.29

Little Italy Max & Cheese
Good old fashion Mac & Cheese $3.29

Katie's Quesadilla
Served with salsa and sour cream $3.99

Jake's Pizza
A delicious personal size cheese pizza $3.99

Jr. Chef Creator $3.99
Choose from:
Bread: White or Wheat
Cheese: American or Cheddar
Veggies: Lettuce or Tomatoes
Condiments: Mustard, Mayo, Ketchup, and Peanut Butter & Jelly

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