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Sandwich Box Lunch

Our Sandwich Box includes a sandwich of your choice, pickle spear, chips, and your choice of dessert bar, brownie, or cookie.

Belmont Croissant
Napa chicken salad, lettuce, tomato served on a croissant $8.25

Planet Club
Oven gold turkey, bacon, sweet ham, white cheddar and swiss cheese & tomato on whole wheat bread or crossiant $8.25

The Retro Wrap
Oven gold turkey, American cheese, lettuce, tomato with pesto cream cheese spread. Served on lahvash flatbread $8

California Turkey & Avocado
Oven gold turkey, provolone cheese, tomato, sprouts, lettuce & avocado spread. Served on whole wheat bread $8.50


We deliver to all locations in Corpus Christi. Please provide us with as much advance notice as possible.
(Minimum delivery charge of $10)

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